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Authentic good quality food every day. That’s our promise. It’s as simple as that.

But if you want more, when we say “authentic good quality food every day” it’s not just a reflection on the immediate nature of the food that’s being served, but it’s also about our team, our fragrances, our customer service, our quality policies, our facilities and practices, it’s about the cultures and communities within which we operate in, the direct and responsible sourcing that enable us to ensure the quality of food, it’s about the decisions we make every day that affects the world around us, and it’s about a commitment to minimalism that enables us to eliminate waste and retain the essential.


everything that we do is designed to bring people together and include ethos of goodness, love, culture, everyday experiences, and life.

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We take pride in being aggressively people-centric. That means everything that we do is not only designed to include ethos of goodness, love, culture, everyday experiences, and life but is also designed to bring people together.

We believe it’s hard to go wrong with delicious food and lively company. When you are hungry, all you need is good food; and maybe someone to talk to when you are sipping your aromatic beverage or munching on delicious food. After all, genuine excellence and mouth-watering food take time, patience and a kind of obsessive commitment to getting it right. Not everyone can do it, but we are kind of obsessive that way.

Suffice it to say, food and beverage is our craft and we care deeply about the quality of what we serve. TSOTE was born from a desire to offer an authentic solution to the problem of quality food and dining. We know that the goal is ambitious, and often at conflict with the demands of the industry and trade, but we believe the choices we make about what we eat, where it comes from, and who it’s from is important and has a direct impact on the health of our customers and of the communities that we source from.

So in short, food, drink, and people. That’s us.

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